Empowering Parents, Transforming Kids

Parenting made easy is aimed at assisting and empowering the parents to deal with typical challenges of Digital Era like gadget addiction, stubbornness, lack of interest in studies etc.

The course offers insight into child psychology as to what drives kids behavior, the understanding of which will help parents to adopt a truly effective approach. The course also offers a clear strategy and some very simple to execute steps to deal with various challenges.

The last part is focused on providing solution to the problem of gadget addiction among children. It doesn't end there but also shares a road map to play a strong foundation for ensuring bright future for the child.

There is no greater leadership challenge than parenting

Meet the Coach

Hi, I am AB, Kids Life Coach.

In past couple of years, I have helped many kids facing issues and hence either ill behaving or significantly underperforming vis a vis their peers.

Despite my early success, I struggled mentally, emotionally and mental sickness manifested itself in form of several incurable diseases. Life sucked. And it took me 17 long gruelling, painful years to heal my inner child. It is then realized what success is. Today I am very healthy both emotionally and physically, a very happy soul.

Don't make your child go through that excruciating journey which I had to. Believe me not everyone can take it. Most people are living with dead rats buried under the carpet, with scores of painful memories, hatred, limiting beliefs, fears and self doubt.

Before it turns ugly, let's together lay a strong foundation to ensure a happy and successful life for your child.

Willing to join me on this journey?

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